Nice, to have you here!


     Who is behind ZimArt:



Bettina Zima, 12.04.1984

Ideas, theme development,

Design & drawing



Christiane Zima, 29.05.1975

Digital graphic design, website design, conception & back office



The ZimArt concept:


We are a women couple who have made it their task to be artistically active in the field of diversity.

We have specialised in this field because we believe that the market for this kind of products has been neglected for too long. We love artistic activities and we are very happy when other people share them with us!


Do you share our view of a unique world full of colours, diversity and outstanding features?


Let´s move together in the same direction showing new angles and creating more tolerance towards our work.


We want to show our art on a wide range of products. Our goal is to make people curious about everything that is strange and different to them and in doing so to help eradicate common prejudices.



Do you have the same values and the courage to bring this art to the world?



Our motifs bring:


Our motifs are:


Our motifs offer:


Our motifs show:


Our motifs stand for:


Our motifs convey:

Equal rights



We take things seriously and we stand for respect,

but at the same time we love humour and wit.

Are you ready to open your eyes to the beauty and diversity of these values?



Through our wide range of motifs we want people to come face to face with the reality of diversity and to have a better understanding of others.



This work, art and passion will make a difference -
that is our belief and conviction!


 We are pleased to offer you our services but we are also open to hearing your ideas and to cooperating with you too.


Our motifs are also suitable for advertising campaigns, as well as for clothing, folders, postcards, mousepads...


We are happy to satisfy every individual motif or product request, including exclusive and unique designs.


All motifs are hand-drawn. No screen designs.